About Me

What the shit is this?

So, I’m Nikkee. I’m an Australian uni student - but I live in America - and I like to write things. That’s actually what I’m going to school for – to learn to write more betterer.

I love reading, writing, tea, picnics, roller derby, going places, things that are awesome, and also things that are fun.

I hate when people write their blogs with centre-aligned text, nightclubs that play top 20s music, my increasing poverty, things that suck, and also things that are shit.

This here is (or will be, when I get my shit together) a collection of anything and everything I've written. And probably some photos of sweet moustaches and cupcakes, excellent music suggestions, and/or roller derby anecdotes.

I'd love to hear your comments, and you can totally email me, too - nikkeeboyle at gmail dot com.


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