Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When I was 22

First ever F-Off huge pumpkin at a pumpkin patch in Lafayette, IN

At the age of 22, I:
-       moved overseas
-       spent time in three countries
-       Visited more than twenty cities, in more than 15 different states.
-       Lived in a college dorm (FML)
-       Navigated my way through NYC, Toronto and Ottawa, as well as countless airports all by myself.
-       Studied abroad for a year
-       Was accepted to complete my degree overseas
-       Joined a roller derby team
-       Overcame my crippling social retardation and can now almost function in most social situations
-       Saw Spoon in concert
-       Lived without a car for one year, for the first time since I was 17
-       Lost 15 lbs
-       Met more incredible people than I could even possibly count
-       Learned to really appreciate good beer
-       Didn’t die

When I was 22, I
-       saw snow
-       ate pulled pork
-       ate smores
-       experienced Thanksgiving
-       experienced Halloween
-       experienced Fall
-       got stitches
-       played dodgeball
-       got an A at university
-       competed in an actual team sport
-       saw a huge pumpkin
-       went to Homecoming
-       went to an apple orchard
-       went to Canada
-       sang karaoke
for the very first time in my life.

My favourite bands when I was 22 were The Smiths, The Cure, Beck, Spoon, They Might Be Giants, Ben Folds, The Hives.

My heroes when I was 22 were David Sedaris, Suzy Hotrod, Eddie Izzard, Bonnie Thunders, Michael Cera, Quadzilla, Kristen Wiig, C. D. Payne, and your mum. 

My favourite foods when I was 22 were pulled pork sandwiches, French fries, bacon, and beer. Ha ha! Thanks, America, you sonofabitch. I’m confident that when the novelty wears off, I’ll go back to normal food again. I have this strange thing with eating food that isn’t normally available to me, even if it’s really bad. For instance, I really don’t like stuff that’s pumpkin flavoured, but I’ll buy it every chance I get and choke it down, just because I never had the option before. Same goes for root beer. Jon says he won’t be allowing me to buy either of these things anymore, now that he knows the truth.

I feel as thought the enormity of the last year makes up for the mediocrity of the previous 21. One of my friends who is quite a bit younger than me told me how I had done and seen so much more than she had, but I reminded her that this is literally more than I did in the first twenty one years of my life put together. 

In any case, I'm kicking myself and trying to figure out why I didn't decide to do the 365 project, because this has been an effing amazing 365 days.

Well, I guess there's always next year.

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